Facility Design

Jay and Jeanne Prouty visited many boarding facilities around the country before building the North Main Pet Lodge. Our facility was designed and built with your pets needs and safety in mind. We offer large suites for both dogs and cats and our entire facility is fire sprinkled for the safety of your pet.

Dogs - Overnight Lodging

We offer individual indoor/outdoor enclosures. Our canine guests have the freedom to go in and out during the day and evening, weather permitting. A self-regulated potty area can reduce stress since your pet does not have to wait for a staff member to take him/her out for elimination. The outside area is covered to protect them from the rain or direct sun. Guests are checked between 9 and 10 pm each evening. In cooler weather they are closed in for the night at this time.

The interior sleeping area has a solid, high barrier between each dog providing for a more natural den-like environment. You may bring a blanket or small washable bed from home, or we will provide one. In summer, the inside is evaporative cooled and in winter, the floors are heated. We play music specifically designed to relax and calm the canine.

Your pet will get hands-on attention every day from our staff. We also offer enrichment activities for the active or pampered pet.

Canine Activities: Please view our rates page for pricing.


      Group.....a 30 minute walk, usually with two or three other
         social dogs. Your dog must walk politely on a leash

      Private.....a 30 minute solo walk.

      Senior.....a 15 minute leisurely walk for older dogs.


      Off-leash group play.....30 minutes of off- leash group play for
        social dogs (must pass assessment test).

We offer small play groups, separated by size and play style. Play group staff are extensively trained in dog body language and play behaviors through a comprehensive and interactive training program from industry experts, The Dog Gurus. Our play groups are monitored by trained staff 100 % of the time. If you think your pet would enjoy group play, please complete a Group play application and bring it with you when you come to board.

  One-On-One Time ......we offer private one-on-one time with
    staff for play or snuggling.


      A yummy, Peanut butter or frozen yogurt stuffed Kong

      Delicious Marrow bone


If you would like to pick up a freshly bathed pet, please ask for pricing at check in. Prices depend on size and coat.


Does your pet need a haircut, a bath and brush or bath and nails? We will coordinate these grooming services with four paws Spa, located on the property. You may contact them directly (925) 287-8131 for pricing or to arrange grooming services. Grooming services need to be paid separately, by cash or check to Four Paws Grooming but, payment can be left with us at check out.

What to bring (please label everything):

      Please complete a check in form located on the Forms page and bring it with you
        when you check in.

      Food - We will provide food or you may bring your own. Please bring food in a Ziploc;
        labeled with your pets name the brand of food and the amount per meal based on
        standard measuring cups size. E.g. 1/2 cups two times a day

      Bed- We will provide a bed or you may bring a small washable mat or bed.
        Please label.

      Toys/Bones -One or two toys / chew bone. Please label.

      Medication - If medication is required, please bring it in the original container.

      Vaccinations are required.

We require the following vaccines:

    Rabies every 1 to 3 yrs

    Distemper every 1 to 3 yrs

    Bordetella (6 months or yearly)

    Canine influenza (yearly)

Bordetella and the Canine influenza must be given a minimum of 5 days prior to

boarding or daycare.

Our office must receive proof of your pets vaccinations at least one week prior to your reservation to avoid the possibility being turned away due to lack of vaccines.

Pets will not be permitted to board without current vaccination documentation.

Existing Clients

If your pet has had vaccinations since their last visit with us kindly bring updated vaccination records so we may update or files. You may also scan and send them by email.