Cat Lodging

Our feline guests are provided with a spacious enclosure which has plenty of room to move around. Each condo is equipped with a sleeping area, which can be covered or not depending on your cats preference, and a litter box. We provide non-scented litter which is changed every day. Our cattery is bright and airy. We have a few condos with window and some without windows. The condos with windows are a few dollars more per night. Book early if you would like to reserve a window condo. We play music specifically designed to soothe the feline soul, and we provide fish for their viewing entertainment. Please view our rates page for pricing.

As part of your nightly rate, your pet will get hands on attention every day. If you would like to add additional activities during your cats stay with us, we offer the following enrichment services:


15 minutes of one-on- one time with staff. We have a variety of toys to entertain you cat or the time can be used for brushing (please bring your own brush) or quiet snuggle time while watching the fish. Let us know what your cat would enjoy.

Please view our rates page for pricing.

What you may bring (please label everything) :

      Food - We provide wet and dry food or you are welcome to bring you own food.
        Please bring your food in a small Ziploc bag labeled with your pets name, the brand of
        food, and the daily portion (in cups).

      Bed - We provide a bed or you may bring a small fleece blanket or other washable size
         bed from home.

      Toys- You may bring a toy or two from home.

Cat Vaccination Requirements

      Rabies every 1 to 3 yrs

      Feline distemper every year

Our office must receive your pets vaccination records at least one week prior to your reservation. This will allow for time should your pet need a vaccine or update. Pets will not be boarded without current vaccinations.