About Us

The Prouty family began their pet care journey in the early 1950's when Jeanne and Jay Prouty owned pet shops in Oakland and Walnut Creek. From the 1960's to the 1990's Jeanne Prouty was breeding and showing Standard Poodles and Persian cats. Born out of their love of pets, The North Main Pet lodge opened its doors in 1992.

Over 20 years later, North Main Pet Lodge continues to be a family owned and operated pet care center. Today Jeanne and Jay's son Chris, his wife Colleen, their two sons Benjamin and Austin proudly carry on the tradition of providing high quality pet care for the Walnut Creek and surrounding communities now in the third generation.

As pet care professionals, we are dedicated to providing high quality, loving care for your pets. Our reputation for quality pet care and years of expertise afford us the privilege to come highly recommended by local vet offices and of course our customers, some of which have been with us through several generations of pets. With no formal certification process required by facilities in the pet care industry, the responsibility for providing high quality pet care rests entirely on each individual facility owner. We are committed to providing a safe, positive experience for your pets. We know the key to high quality, safe pet boarding and dog day care operations is a well trained staff. In May of 2014 our entire staff received Pet First Aid and CPR training by Dr. Erin Troy of Muller Veterinary Hospital. Additionally, our Staff is trained and tested with the comprehensive and interactive training program "Knowing Dogs Staff Training Program". The Program was co-created by Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs of the Dog Gurus industry leaders in training and safety for off leash dog play. For more information on the Dog Gurus and our Safety Pledge visit the Dog Gurus site www.safeoffleashdogplay.com

It is our goal is to develop a relationship with you and your pet so that your pet becomes familiar and comfortable with us and will love to come to visit us over and over again. We will come to know you, your pet, and their behaviors. We provide close individual attention to your pet each day, and as a result, occasionally we may bring a health or behavioral concern to your attention.

We will be here when you need us. Our facility operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day 7 days a week caring for your pets. We provide office hours 6 days a week for drop off and pick up. Our staff is on site every day, and every evening to monitor the facility and your pets. For the safety of your pets, our facility is completely fire sprinkled and climate controlled. Our enclosures are spacious, clean, and secure. Please visit our "Services page" for detailed information on our facility and services.